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How To Select A Turnkey Real Estate Provider To Work With

February 10, 2015

In this episode of Investor Talk Radio I go over the steps I think someone might consider when they are deciding which Turnkey real estate provider they should work with.  Craig Jennings of Buy Memphis Now is my co-host on this episode and offers his thoughts on the steps one might consider when making such an important decision.  Some of the steps I feel are critical are:

  • Identify your RE goals / criteria along with available funds, monthly cash flow and ROI
  • Identify which markets offer the above mentioned
  • Do you feel comfortable with the cities that you have identified that meet the criteria
  • Start to identify the turnkey providers in your market range

You want to make sure your turnkey providers can meet the following criteria:

  • Do they have an actual office building and could you go to their office in person
  • Do they actually own property in their market
  • Do they live in the city where hey are offering their services
  • Do they offer in-house management ( not as critical if the mgnt company is credible )
  • What is their reputation

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